16 May 2016 Toto $7m

Just now bought $10 for 10 sets of numbers, first time I bought so much, just trying my luck, some people say Toto is a waste of money, never win one, I also agree, but then if you never buy, the chance of winning is 0.

One thing I like about Toto is there is absolutely no commitment, buy how much, buy how frequently, all up to me, if win good la, if lose that's it, unlike doing business, you put in that money you must win, so end up it is very stressful, all business people I know of told me the same thing, one uncle told me at night he cannot sleep because thinking of his business.

If I win $1m, I think I'll keep quiet, only my wife will know, won't tell anybody else, then I'll buy all sorts of dividend stocks, every year can get 6% enough already, no need to work anymore, best still, move to Thailand, $60,000 is about 1.55m Thai Baht, which is about 129,000 a month, can live very comfortably.

Sometimes I think everyday work work work also sian, but in Singapore don't work what else to do, but at least these days can watch my daughter grow up so it's not so bad, I just keep in mind that I work because I want to give her a good future, I think that's enough to keep me going.


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