Starhub Checked My Connection

Last week I upgraded from 100Mbps to 300Mbps, after that I didn't see any difference in the speed so I logged a case with Starhub, today they sent their helpful staff to help me check, the staff said it's my cable problem, he suspected that my cable is low quality even though it is CAT5e, he did some speed tests with his own cable and he said he managed to get 300Mbps both wired and wireless.

So I brought my laptop home, plugged in directly to the ONT using the CAT5e cable from Starhub, the one that came together as a package when I first signed up at my current address, wow, I got 303Mbps, then I switched back to that "low quality" cable, drop down to 93Mbps, really my cable problem lol.

The "low quality" CAT5e cable running into my room is not what it seems, stupid unbranded cable that I bought at Sim Lim Square, I think it's a CAT5 labelled as CAT5e, really chee birds dishonest business people, no wonder the store keeper who sold me the cable had a guilty look on his face lol, ah never mind la, few dollars donate to them, nowadays SLS business also bad, not difficult to see why, they scam foreigners, even locals also scam, got money to earn anything also can do.

Anyway tomorrow I will go Challenger to buy a CAT6 cable, buy a branded one.


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