Take Leave So Lower Performance Rating

Today my boss reviewed my performance for the past year, he hinted that I took a lot of leaves but he understand that last year my wife gave birth so most of it was due to that, rating not as good as last one, but he wrote positive remarks for me, anyway I don't hope for high increment or high bonus, this year have is good enough.

Thanks to him I also realized that all those reservist, paternity, childcare, sick or annual leaves all top level don't care, they only look at my productivity, for example my work days in one month is around 22, so if I work all 22 days my productivity will be 100%, top level love to see this, so the logic is such that even if I sit in office and do nothing for the whole day, as long as I appear for work, act busy when needed, my productivity will be 100% lol. No wonder so many slackers in my company, now I know how these people can survive so long even though they are not capable at all.

But if out of 22 days, let's say I take 7 days leave, my productivity will be down to 68.18%, if look at productivity report, mine will look bad to top management, they will say wah how come this guy so many months the productivity so low.

Then again, actually it's also to be fair to others, if I am absent someone will have to cover me, that means someone will have to do extra work, so it's only right that I get lower rating hence lower increment and lower bonus, so that company can allocate to those who have higher productivity. But I find this kind of system very prone to abuse, top management only see reports, and reports are just numbers, how is it even possible to know whether someone is working or slacking, unless they install CCTV at every cubicle haha.

Next time I know, must have strategy when taking leaves, if this month take too many already, next month try not to take leave unless super urgent.


eSceptional said…
You are one of the rare few that I came across not complaining and actually understands where your reporting officer is coming from during the appraisal. It is a rare virtue these days among the young.

All the best to your family and I am sure things would get better.

Hi eSceptional,

Thanks for the kinds words :)

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