Jack's Place @ Anchorpoint

I think this is the second time I've eaten at Jack's Place, first time was very long ago when I was a teenager, I forgot who gave me a treat, I only remember the big potato with edible skin.

Mango juice $3.80

The mango juice tasted just like the Peel Fresh mango juice, very sweet, but the straw was dirty with black stains, I told the waitress and she changed the whole glass for me, second glass the straw was still dirty, I decided to just throw away the straw and drink from the glass.

Strawberry and mango cooler $5.50

The cooler was very bland, can't taste any strawberry or mango flavour. By the way wife drank quite a bit when I took the picture.

Mixed grill combo $23.80

I asked for my beef to be fully cooked because I don't dare to eat raw beef, I think the beef is nice, potato is the same one that I remember, also very nice. Chicken was very bland though.

Slipper lobster combo $26

Wife one looks good but the chicken is probably the same as mine, very bland, must eat with chilli sauce, I think they pan fried it without any seasoning, so you have to add salt or pepper and chilli sauce yourself otherwise it is too bland.

I find their servings very small compared to restaurants such as Swenson's and Fish & Co., I thought western food is supposed to be larger in servings. Overall I think coffee shop western food is better than Jack's Place, more fulfilling, way cheaper, no wonder less than half the restaurant is occupied on a Saturday.

Bill came at $69.56 after GST and service charge, but at least their service staff was prompt, friendly and smiling, so not too bad, but definitely won't go back again, I rather go eat at Swenson's.

Cold Storage duck promotion

After that we went to the Cold Storage at the basement, they have a duck promotion, one duck only $16.99, it's a smaller duck but not very small, smells very good.


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