03 May 2016

Upgraded Starhub Fibre from 100Mbps to 300Mbps

I saw the 300Mbps fibre broadband promotion at $29.90 on Starhub website, just nice my contract is ending in Jun so I decided to sign up, now also paying $29.90 for my 100Mbps so basically I get 3x the speed at the same price for the next two years.

So fast coming 2 years already, I remember signing up for the 100Mbps plan in Jun 2014, if you read the post some things changed but I didn't update, end up I didn't transfer to my father, I keep the Starhub connection at parents house under my name, been paying for them ever since, but now switched to M1, paying $34 per month for 200Mbps speed. And also end up I paying $29.90 instead of $39.90, somehow they put me under the new price, so I saved $10 every month.

Now May 2016, the next time my Starhub contract ending soon means I will have stayed in my new house for about 4 years, now is about 2 years, how time flies. I think by then can start to plan to upgrade house, now baby getting bigger, this month one year old, haha so fast, eventually need to let her have her own room, can't always be sleeping with us.

Still not sure want to get 3-room or 4-room, I think if buy BTO can get 4-room, but if buy Sale of Balance then can only afford 3-room, I think most likely go for the balance because don't have to wait so long, if BTO have to wait 3-4 years, and mostly the location is not good, if good also expensive or too much demand.

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