07 May 2016

Went to Jurong Bird Park

So last week we applied for the Friends of Wildlife membership, today we decided to check out the bird park, it's a beautiful place and it was much less crowded than Singapore Zoo or Night Safari, and after walking half the park, we then know why it is less popular, the stench of bird droppings.

The stench can be overpowering especially at areas where there is water, I think the ponds are full of bird droppings, wife felt like puking lol, I also cannot take it, but other than the smell, the staff were very friendly, the environment is very beautiful, actually I think bird park is more beautiful than zoo, but bird park seems to be smaller than zoo. I think maybe because it rained a few times which made the smell worse.

And the bird I like most are penguins, especially those smaller ones, the way they walk is very cute, anyway I didn't take photos of them, but can see in my video.

As for spending, didn't really spend much there, only bought 3 scoops of ice-cream for $12.51 and $12.96 for chicken rice and lychee drink, the prices are after 10% member discount. Also bought a 500ml bottle of Aquarius for $3.50, taxi to and fro and that's it.

By the way the prices there are the same as Zoo.

I also made a video, check it out here.

Overall not bad, will go back on a non-rainy day haha.

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