13 June 2016

Guess My Bonus and Increment

As spoken previously, I expected my performance rating to be worse than last round, this has been confirmed, it is one grade lower than last year, but still not bad la, I heard someone still can get 2.1 months bonus, as for increment I don't know how much, I'm guessing at least 3%.

So I'm expecting at least 2 months bonus and 3% increment, but see how it goes, who knows how differently it will end up, but I think that is like quite low already, work one whole year 2 months bonus and 3% increment is kind of slow.

Actually I feel that my current package is good, of course some people at my age are getting way more, or some fresh grads already close to my salary or more, it's not impossible, I heard of a degree fresh grad starting pay $3.9K, that was years back, now it could be more, but that guy is probably a scholar or somebody impressive, for normal grads maybe $3K to $3.5K starting pay very possible.

Too bad private companies don't pay more for national service guys, I know in civil sector they pay more for NSmen, by how much I don't know, maybe $100 or $200 more I guess.

Funny thing is when I'm super busy, I feel underpaid, when I'm slack, I feel overpaid haha, but to be objective, my salary is more than good enough, if I keep on saving and investing, I probably can retire well with my wife. Daughter I guess no need to worry so much, but she can study well, learn a few useful skills it would be good la, otherwise like old people say find a rich husband lol.

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