18 June 2016

Health Screening Detected High Blood Pressure

Yesterday I went for health screening, did urine test, took height & weight, checked body fat, checked blood pressure and extracted two tubes of blood for tests. I'm waiting for the complete report but the nurse told me my blood pressure was 146; first time was higher so she asked me to rest 10 minutes after drawing blood and re-take.

According to this link, 146 is Grade 1 Hypertension, so I think it's a red flag since it is higher than normal; normal is less than 130. I also read that hypertension is a symtomless disease, and it can quietly damage my body and possibly lead to sudden death, now maybe that explains why there are cases of people who suddenly died, maybe they are also like me who neglected themselves.

I think after my wife got pregnant in 2014, and have baby in 2015, during these periods I mostly neglected myself by gaining too much weight, but good thing is I decided to go for this health screening otherwise I will just keep on living my unhealthy lifestyle, and someday I might just drop dead without knowing why.

So today I went for a run, usually I only workout on Sundays, I should also watch my diet by cutting down on sodas, I love sodas and I know it's really bad, maybe switch to coconut water, those extra sugars from sodas will not help with weight loss for sure. I read that coconut water can lower blood pressure, but too much in a day can be dangerous, there was this man who drank 8 bottles of 11 ounces in a day, 88 ounces is about 2.6 litres, then he ended up in hospital, it's the potassium that is dangerous, it's good for body but too much is bad, as always eat in moderation is safer.

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