29 June 2016

Medix TMB-995 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

I bought it at Watsons, the brand is Medix, $59.90, it comes with everything, power adapter, batteries and cuff, basically can use right out of the box.

Checked my blood pressure is 129/76, seems to have improved significantly from last check, I guess the coconut water that I have been drinking helps. At first I bought the UFC brand, after that I found that the potassium is very high, so I switched to Tipco brand.

Potassium is good for body but too much can cause problem, like people always say, eat in moderation.


iskandar johari said...

Is dis medix a good n reluable brand?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Seems ok, been a long time I use it, buy already put there collect dust lol.