28 June 2016

Most Likely My Last Army Call-Up

Few days ago I received a call-up stating that my annual ICT is next year Jan, just nice 3 months before my birthday, which means if I clear my RT for this year, no need to take any more IPPT, summary it means that this is my last ICT and my last IPPT, swee la.

So counting this one, I would have cleared 7 high-keys, I have many low keys so no worry about that, this time confirm MR, after that must celebrate, but knowing that I'm not an extravagant person, I will probably celebrate by myself in a simple manner, my wife probably don't even care, she never been in army so she don't know my suffering.


SK said...

Congrats MTGS, I'm having mine in Jan too..
Dunno how they plan the time smack right in between the new year and Chinese New Year.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


I think they want to clear before the next FY, this FY ends on 31 Mar 2017.