08 June 2016

Warcraft Movie Singapore Launch on 09 Jun 2016

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After such a long wait this move is finally going to be on the big screen, I'm a Warcraft fan, I'm fascinated with its lore, I remember spending hours reading on the lore at the World of Warcraft website, now I think it's no longer there but can still find it wowwiki.

I remember my first exposure to Warcraft was the game Warcraft 2, I watched my primary school friend play at his house on his family computer, that time I think it was quite a big deal to have a computer at home, that friend of mine comes from a quite well off family. I only got my first computer when I was 17 years old and I had to pay for it myself via installments haha.

Can't remember whether it was during or after NS, I bought Warcraft 3 with the Frozen Throne expansion, it's also a strategy game like it's predecessors, and I suck at strategy games, but the plot is very interesting, I keep playing it just for the story, there are 4 factions so I get to see the stories from each side. And the real beauty about WC3 are the custom maps on Battle.net, it brought me countless hours of fun.

After that I played World of Warcraft with my friends, it's an online game with a very large number of players playing at the same time, very addictive, and the reason why it is so addictive is exactly because there are so many people playing, it's like a world of its own, with its own economy, social network, people want to prove to people that they are good, in the game. I wasted a lot of my time and money (monthly subscription fees) on this game, but I'm not very hardcore, I'm mostly casual, play when I feel like playing, stop when I get sick and tired, but I know of people who play it like it's their job, some don't even go to school or work, they just play and live off their family.

Anyway I read that the movie was in the making long long ago, and finally it's going to be released in Singapore tomorrow, too bad I can't go watch in cinema, now have baby also not easy, I think I try to see if I can buy digital version so I can keep, I feel that since I waited so long for this movie, must at least keep it as a collection lol.

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