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Dr Pepper at FairPrice Finest @ Tiong Bahru Plaza


This Reporter Really Trying to be Funny

Source See the photo, you might think that the one in the middle is the murderer, actually she is a police officer, can tell by her lanyard, this reporter take photo focus more on the officer than those two murderers, this officer go home see news then see her face she must be thinking nin na beh, focus me for what LOL. Anyway nowadays so many maid abuse and murder cases, I guess it's the Singaporean-is-superior mentality, some I notice when they talk they talk as if they are a class higher than people, no respect for people, no matter where anyone is from, they are still human, you don't talk down to a person, no matter who you are, karma will get you one day.

Jiu Cai Bing

One piece only $1.50, very tasty and filling, stalls that sell China food will usually sell it, but it's more popular with people from China, local Chinese don't eat it much.

Went to River Safari

Video here. Now I know why they put the pandas there, because River Safari is boring, it's mostly fishes, if you like fish then it's great, the aquariums very beautiful but like I said, mostly fishes. Panda also nothing much to see, have to queue up, very long queue, limited number of people can go in at any point of time, go in the pandas also hiding, but managed to get some footage of one, kind of boring, don't know what's the buzz with pandas. I think the best is still Singapore Zoo la, more things to see, actually I like Night Safari the most, go at night very thrilling, following is my conclusion on the 4 parks: Singapore Zoo - Best Variety. Night Safari - Most Thrilling. Jurong Bird Park - Smelliest Park. River Safari - Most Boring Park.

Henry's Chicken Rice

Weekend ALWAYS so long queue, if want to eat best is to go on weekdays, but weekdays need to work leh, furthermore weekdays after lunch they close shop already. I think Henry's roasted chicken is one of the best, can fight with Wee Nam Kee but I think Wee's is more fragrant, Henry's is more tender, personally I think Wee's better but chilli-wise, no need to fight, Henry's chilli is the best that I have ever eaten, I like to pour it over my chicken rice, super power, see picture below. As for rice, so far Henry's managed to maintain the same consistency, at least for me, some stalls sometimes the rice good, sometimes bad, Henry's so far very standard, the rice very nice, I think can just eat with chilli no need chicken also very power.

Nonya Rice at Chinatown Complex


Feel Kind of Sick and Tired of My Job

It's the same kind of feeling that I get before I left my previous jobs without landing a job first. Last time I left my job was in 2009, when I could no longer stand my immediate supervisor, I threw letter without thinking of the consequences, it felt great but in the comings months it was shit, getting a job took quite a while, it was about 3 months before I found a new job, imagine 3 months of being unproductive, no income and living on savings, and it could have been worse. Right now I'm thinking of applying for another job, but then again, if I can't stay on at my current job, what are the chances that I can stay on at a new job, what if the new job is worse, who knows. If you ask me I would say the only time when one should find a new job is when the current job is not offering adequate compensation, right now I feel that my compensation is alright, it's just the people that I have to deal with, sometimes I just feel like throwing my laptop at their faces. J

This Month So Cold

After a few hot weeks, suddenly keep raining, I think yesterday and today the coldest, yesterday cold until have sneeze attack, today put on clothes so not that bad, but still shivering a bit. I think the rain will last until August then will start to get hot again, hopefully not as hot as June. Anyway today while talking to a colleague from China, he told me the Alibaba Yu'e Bao interest rate drop to 0.6 Yuan per 10,000 Yuan, which comes to about 2.19% per annum, he said last time was 4.5%, this will probably mean something, maybe it is linked to recent bullish markets? Chinese people putting their funds into markets instead of Yu'e Bao? Who knows STI will cross 3,000.

STI Bullish?

These two weeks STI risen quite a lot, about 200 points, my stocks also almost recover from losses, now just a little bit to break-even, but don't know whether this will last, STI siao siao, other markets up it only up a little, other markets down, it down a lot lol. But put money in stocks still better than putting in bank la, bank interest rate so miserable, fixed deposit only a little bit better.

Nice Attack

Source At first I thought it's some kind of campaign, after that I realize it's a city in France, the city name is Nice, some crazy driver drove his big truck into a big crowd killing at least 84 people, doesn't seem like a terrorist attack, looks more like a failure in life venting his anger at himself on society. But very difficult to say, you see this person today ok, tomorrow suddenly ki siao you also cannot predict, by the time something happen may already be too late.

SGX Temporarily Cease Trading

Source No wonder today all my stocks stopped moving, I thought what happened lol, seems like they kena some bug, as with all systems sure have bug, no system is 100% no problem. Reminds me of one idiotic customer at my workplace, if he is not my customer I sure F him upside down. During user meeting small issue he like to talk until like big problem, and then he just keep on going and going and waste everyone's time just to listen to his logic, then always end up talk whole day concluded with simple changes, simple changes need to talk whole day, who run business like that sure lose money and close shop, this type can only survive in government job. Then when system have bug, he said something retarded like have problem means have problem, along the lines of even if there is 1 failure out of 1000 runs, still mean fail, wtf right, 1 is only like 0.1% of 1000, one fail all fail, what kind of rubbish logic is that, if people who work in production line think like him, one defe

Baby Took Selfies LOL

Found these two photos on my phone, not sure when she took it haha.

Super Hot Weather

These few days the weather really hot, I set my aircon to 25 degrees, the room will only cool down to around 28.5, if no aircon, room temperature is between 32-33, wah piang. At first I thought my aircon going to spoil, after that my colleague told me he also facing same problem, I think it's just the weather too hot.

KNN The RT Suddenly So Siong

After my first RT session, I thought all following sessions will be sibei relax, wah enjoy aircon and slack, each session after that getting more and more siong, was it because somebody at MINDEF read my post and feedback to army lol. Last Sunday they made us do squats with medicine ball, squat, hold and repeat until my legs soft, after that run up slope with the ball, come down and do squats and push-up chest touch the ball, the push-up I just do ultra half-fuck since I have pectoral strain, reminds me of my NSF days, run somewhere touch something then come back. After that really shag out, whole day no energy, and some more the weather was super hot, even inside shelter area also feel like oven. And by the way now I know what the colour tags mean, green means weight loss, red means cardio or something, yellow don't know what, it's not like the old system where green means RT, red means IPT, yellow means IPPT, now it's like NSmen can get to choose what kind of train

Downgraded to PES B2 L2

Just received a letter from my medical centre saying that I am permanently excused from push-ups, I checked at NS Portal and they downgraded me to PES B2 L2 with no expiry date, I guess that means my new PES status is permanent too. So I googled and managed to find information on my new PES status, from the link you can also find information on other PES statuses. Info on PES B2 So I still need to take IPPT but can be excused up to two stations, but I only need to be excused from push-up since I can still do sit-up and running, but I think I'll just go take at SAFRA since no money anyway. And seems like my next and also my last ICT I might get posted to HQ, so maybe no need to do my usual reservist training stuff, also good la, if ask me to chiong later pectoral really tear then how, my last ICT already I just want to relax and get it over with safely.