04 July 2016

Downgraded to PES B2 L2

Just received a letter from my medical centre saying that I am permanently excused from push-ups, I checked at NS Portal and they downgraded me to PES B2 L2 with no expiry date, I guess that means my new PES status is permanent too.

So I googled and managed to find information on my new PES status, from the link you can also find information on other PES statuses.

Info on PES B2

So I still need to take IPPT but can be excused up to two stations, but I only need to be excused from push-up since I can still do sit-up and running, but I think I'll just go take at SAFRA since no money anyway.

And seems like my next and also my last ICT I might get posted to HQ, so maybe no need to do my usual reservist training stuff, also good la, if ask me to chiong later pectoral really tear then how, my last ICT already I just want to relax and get it over with safely.


Anonymous said...

I just checked on ehealth and saw that my PES is also recently changed to B2 L2. I had A before that. I have been trying to find out what it means and if duration of reservist is reduced but the CMPB website links are not working properly for me.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


Duration of reservist is the same for B2 L2, for C also same, I got platoon mates C also have to serve full cycle.