21 July 2016

Feel Kind of Sick and Tired of My Job

It's the same kind of feeling that I get before I left my previous jobs without landing a job first.

Last time I left my job was in 2009, when I could no longer stand my immediate supervisor, I threw letter without thinking of the consequences, it felt great but in the comings months it was shit, getting a job took quite a while, it was about 3 months before I found a new job, imagine 3 months of being unproductive, no income and living on savings, and it could have been worse.

Right now I'm thinking of applying for another job, but then again, if I can't stay on at my current job, what are the chances that I can stay on at a new job, what if the new job is worse, who knows.

If you ask me I would say the only time when one should find a new job is when the current job is not offering adequate compensation, right now I feel that my compensation is alright, it's just the people that I have to deal with, sometimes I just feel like throwing my laptop at their faces. Just imagine trying to reason with a cow, sometimes people forget that they are dealing with a person, they forget what is call reason, they just shut their ears and refuse to listen and only expect you to listen, one-way traffic.

My company and team is ok la, just the customers, actually just two particular customers, both not married, man or woman past certain age not married the head sure something wrong, who knows maybe already gone case.


Dechanze said...

Hahaha, blog is a good platform for you to vent your anger. I'm sure you must be feeling better now.. what you are facing now can be faced in other office environments too, and it could be worse than what you are facing now.. Take this opportunity to learn and build on your soft skills.. Learn how to find solutions when met in these situations, and how to overcome it. See opportunity in every difficulty, this is key.
Good luck ah! =)

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks man, really appreciate your advise, your right, running away won't solve the real problem.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, this line, 'both not married, man or woman past certain age not married the head sure something wrong, who knows maybe already gone case' is hilarious. I nearly burst out laughing while secretly reading your blog at work! - a reader

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Lol, need to joke if not life very boring.