23 July 2016

Henry's Chicken Rice

Weekend ALWAYS so long queue, if want to eat best is to go on weekdays, but weekdays need to work leh, furthermore weekdays after lunch they close shop already.

I think Henry's roasted chicken is one of the best, can fight with Wee Nam Kee but I think Wee's is more fragrant, Henry's is more tender, personally I think Wee's better but chilli-wise, no need to fight, Henry's chilli is the best that I have ever eaten, I like to pour it over my chicken rice, super power, see picture below.

As for rice, so far Henry's managed to maintain the same consistency, at least for me, some stalls sometimes the rice good, sometimes bad, Henry's so far very standard, the rice very nice, I think can just eat with chilli no need chicken also very power.

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