14 July 2016

SGX Temporarily Cease Trading


No wonder today all my stocks stopped moving, I thought what happened lol, seems like they kena some bug, as with all systems sure have bug, no system is 100% no problem.

Reminds me of one idiotic customer at my workplace, if he is not my customer I sure F him upside down.

During user meeting small issue he like to talk until like big problem, and then he just keep on going and going and waste everyone's time just to listen to his logic, then always end up talk whole day concluded with simple changes, simple changes need to talk whole day, who run business like that sure lose money and close shop, this type can only survive in government job.

Then when system have bug, he said something retarded like have problem means have problem, along the lines of even if there is 1 failure out of 1000 runs, still mean fail, wtf right, 1 is only like 0.1% of 1000, one fail all fail, what kind of rubbish logic is that, if people who work in production line think like him, one defect in a batch means throw away whole batch, the company can close shop, but if his father run the company can la.

He go private sector sure cannot make it, actually civil sector a lot of such people, see until I sian, they are like headless chicken, no idea what they are doing, and when they don't know they will say you don't know, haha, all sorts of people also have.


Gunger said...

true and sadly wasted our taxpayer's money

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Now that you mention it, I'm also a taxpayer, can't imagine I pay tax to feed this bum, civil a lot of jiak liao bee.