23 July 2016

Went to River Safari

Video here.

Now I know why they put the pandas there, because River Safari is boring, it's mostly fishes, if you like fish then it's great, the aquariums very beautiful but like I said, mostly fishes.

Panda also nothing much to see, have to queue up, very long queue, limited number of people can go in at any point of time, go in the pandas also hiding, but managed to get some footage of one, kind of boring, don't know what's the buzz with pandas.

I think the best is still Singapore Zoo la, more things to see, actually I like Night Safari the most, go at night very thrilling, following is my conclusion on the 4 parks:

  • Singapore Zoo - Best Variety.
  • Night Safari - Most Thrilling.
  • Jurong Bird Park - Smelliest Park.
  • River Safari - Most Boring Park.

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