03 August 2016

Allergic Reaction and Itchy All Over!

I think very likely the cause is the fish cakes that I bought at Tiong Bahru Market last Friday. I bought their giant fish balls, tau kwa with fish paste and fish rolls with crab stick and veggie.

The fish rolls tasted funny, wonder if it was because I bought in the day and ate in the evening, but my wife ate already no problem, only me, I think I might be allergic to something in the fish, tau kwa cannot be, should be the fish paste, don't know what fish is it.

Or it could be the nasi ayam I ate at the same market, maybe it's the chilli, but I think most likely is still the fish paste, because I ate the nasi ayam during lunch, after that never felt anything unusual, only in the evening after eating the fish products, I started to itch all over, last week itchy until now, at night cannot sleep, legs will have itchy bumps, it's like being bitten by hundreds of mosquitoes.

At first still thought it was mosquito bites, can feel something land on my legs, but I woke and looked closely, actually it's the itchiness that makes me think mosquitoes landed. And the itch just jumps around, palms, arms, back, ears, neck, legs.

Anyway, after enduring for a few days, the itchiness still didn't go away so just now I went to see the doctor, she prescribed some antihistamine (Cetirizine), just ate medicine, hopefully the itch will go away.

By the way, the itchy spots sometimes is a small red spot, sometimes it's a big raised patch, they call it hives, and it moves around, after hand itchy, back or neck will itch, after legs itchy, hands will itch, very random and super annoying.

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