15 August 2016

Baby Heart Operation this November

Today we went to see her surgeon, he explained to us why the operation is necessary, basically if we don't do it now, as she grows older her condition will damage other parts of her organs, such as her lung, by then it would be another kind of problem that we have to deal with, so best is just do it now and solve the problem at its root.

We asked if there is alternative to open-heart surgery, he said for her case no because he needs to patch the hole, problem is there is a missing part, so he needs to use some of her tissue for patching. He mentioned that most likely in her lifetime she only needs to do it once, hopefully that is the case.

So now we fixed the surgery date in Nov, they also emailed me the estimated cost for C and B2 wards:

C Ward

B2 Ward

Seems like C or B2 I probably don't need to pay any cash, all can pay by Medisave, but I will just choose C, no point choosing higher and pay more.


KE said...

maybe can seek other doctor opinions.. at national heart centre. Tan Ju Lee.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks, I met with Dr. Tan once, she is a really nice doctor, my wife saw her once for her heart condition.

But I think it's ok, reason why baby needs open-heart is because her surgery is not that straightforward to do with non-invasive procedure, have to patch the hole with her tissue as it is a missing part, not just a hole.