22 August 2016

Sigh, Still Never Win Toto

Today go work really sibei sian, see the lusers I also fed up, kind of no energy to entertain them anymore. If kena toto tomorrow can throw letter but unfortunately never kena lol.

Everyday have to go work and see other people face, that is what happens when you are taking other people salary, even my boss also have to bow down to customer, customer is always right, even when it's freaking obvious that even a blind man can see they are wrong, they are still right, fucking awesome logic.

Today encounter this stupid old bitch, ask her to do testing, she made a mistake and she insisted system problem, so many other people use no problem only her got problem, then fine, fix the issue just for her, after that she kao peh about another problem, also her mistake, she go and mess up the thing then insist not her, I checked backend audit log captured her user id, she die die insist not her fault haha, don't know she lying or audit log lying. Really feel like shoving her face down into a pile of shit.

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