14 August 2016

Toilet Got Stuck

My toilet was stuck for about a week, the water took some time to drain unlike previously after flush it immediately drained, I guess something got stuck inside.

I bought a large pump for $8.50, also bought a bottle of drain cleaner solution for $5, tried both doesn't work, ended up making it worse.

So I ordered a toilet auger at Amazon, it's a Cobra 3 feet toilet auger, $12.95 USD, shipping cost is $41.91, total $54.86 USD. It could be cheaper but I want it fast so I choose priority shipping so it was much more expensive.

Then yesterday my wife managed to unclog the thing with a smaller hand pump, wtf, I wasted $13.50 for those two useless things.

So I tried to cancel my Amazon order, good thing is they haven't ship so cancelling is very straightforward, just cancel and they emailed me to inform that cancellation successful, no charge made to my credit card since they haven't ship the thing.

I'm not too sure what happen if they already ship, anyway good thing I cancel in time so no hassle at all.

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