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$2.70 Bak Chor Mee @ Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre (Again!)

Ate this Bak Chor Mee for breakfast, satisfying, cheap and good.

Changed Thai Baht @ 25.40

Next month going to Bangkok to bring wife's mother and cousin to SG to help us as baby going for operation. So just now went to change Thai Baht, changed $750 for 19,050 Baht, rate is 25.40, now so high, good time to change.

Now thinking of what hotel to book, wife's mother and cousin never been to Bangkok much as they are from rural area so I am thinking of getting a good hotel for them to enjoy, too bad my house in SG is pathetic, sigh, no money to buy a larger flat, hope can win Toto and then I'll buy a condo in Bangkok ;)

$2.70 Bak Chor Mee @ Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre

Today came home 7+ so went to try my luck to see anything to eat there, found this new Bak Chor Mee stall, person tending the stall is a young man, saw the price quite surprised, nowadays not easy to find this kind of pricing, the Laksa also same price.

So I tried the Mee Poh Bak Chor Mee, damn power, for this kind of price the ingredients not stingy at all, some they sell cheap but ingredients not much, this one different.

Note that takeaway extra $0.20 but ok la, noodle so good, $0.50 I also don't mind.

Must go back again.

Buy Toto $100 Win $10

Really not easy to win big, today bought another $50, total spent $100 on this draw, only win $10, sigh, back to rat race, but dream also not bad, no dream life also meaningless haha.

22 Sep 2016 Toto Estimated $7m

This coming Toto is the one to buy, if nobody win group 1, then it will be distributed to group 2 which is still a substantial amount. This is because last 3 rounds nobody win group 1, so if round 4 still nobody win, then distribute to next group.

So today I boldly whack $50, first time ever in my life to whack so much on gambling, if can win then really lucky, have a good feeling but don't know why haha, maybe it's time for me to finally win something significant, I think in my lifetime only win lucky draw once or twice, but the prize is as good as useless.

Buy Toto $20 Win $20

Draw number 3198 on 19 Sep 2016

Winning Numbers
14 17 26 31 41 45
Additional Number

This is 3rd round with no Group 1 winner, so this coming Thursday is estimated $7m, na beh, this time whack $50 see win or not lol.

Bought NORRÅKER Sideboard (White Birch) from IKEA for $299

Product link.

I hand-carry and took taxi home so no delivery charge. It's packed in two long flat boxes, the shorter one can fit into the boot of the taxi together with our pram, but the longer one cannot so good thing the taxi uncle don't mind that we put behind at the passenger seat, so my wife and baby cramp behind and I sat in front, just nice.

It was easy to assemble, no drilling required, just need a big cross screwdriver and the rest comes together with the package.

I like this table, fit just nice and very stable, solid purchase.

New Lucky Claypot Rice @ 44 Holland Drive

Today we got adventurous and decided to travel to the food centre at Holland Drive, never been there before, thought it would be nice to explore since there is also a NTUC Fairprice there.

So we ordered the $15 claypot rice (they have $10 version too), looks really nice but smells burnt, to be honest we don't eat claypot rice at all so we don't know what is good or bad, I did try but that was a very long time ago. Anyway me and wife don't really like it very much, rice is tough, ingredients very salty, overall very greasy, maybe this is what claypot rice is about just that we don't know how to appreciate it.

One ang mo asked me where I got my claypot rice, I pointed him to the right direction, seems like he also traveled there for food.

Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet @ Chinatown

Look at that grease, and that nice burn.

Toto Win $10 (Again!)

Today group 1 have two winners, $2,257,276 each, sigh I only win $10, every time $10, wonder when my chance to win group 1.

Baby Operation Next Month

Her operation date is getting closer, I'm actually a bit worried even though I trust the healthcare staff at NUH, I think no matter how good they are, I guess it's natural for me to worry, hope everything will go well.
Just a bit scared, what if something goes wrong, what if we lose her, it's just very scary to even think about it, but looking at the positive side, NUH have done many of such operations so to them it's probably like a walk in the park.
They have this statistics on heart surgeries from 2009 to 2014, seems to me like very impressive numbers, but strange that they don't have numbers for 2015 and 2016, hopefully those are as impressive as past years.

Sold All Stocks

Yesterday sold all my stocks, only two and both are REITs, got tired of holding REITs, nowadays REITs seems to be doing worse in terms of both share price and dividend, both on downtrend, if hold long-term I think not a good idea, unless keep averaging but it's still pointless if the share price doesn't go up, it's like trying to fill up a bottomless pit.

So I decided to bite the bullet and sell at a total loss of $1366.61, but all-time earning still got $1,331.41, so still alright la, but looking back, that means ever since I started investing in Nov 2012, until now only earn $1,331.41, kind of miserable, but still better than putting in fixed deposit or worse, keep in savings account. I can only say low risk, low gain.

Now cash have about $35K, of which $30K is spare cash, the other $5K for expenses and baby operation costs next month.

After that wait and see, this time I going for blue chips, people say cash is king, this is very true, right now I'm in a position wh…

Manhattan Fish Market Still Sucks

I find Fish & Co. food better, more meat. Manhattan like to give lots of rice and french fries, so much carbs so little protein and price is about the same.

Order like this $41.90 inclusive of $3 delivery charge, good thing is there is no service charge.

Chicken Biryani

Fragrant rice, tasty chicken, power!