12 September 2016

New Lucky Claypot Rice @ 44 Holland Drive

Today we got adventurous and decided to travel to the food centre at Holland Drive, never been there before, thought it would be nice to explore since there is also a NTUC Fairprice there.

So we ordered the $15 claypot rice (they have $10 version too), looks really nice but smells burnt, to be honest we don't eat claypot rice at all so we don't know what is good or bad, I did try but that was a very long time ago. Anyway me and wife don't really like it very much, rice is tough, ingredients very salty, overall very greasy, maybe this is what claypot rice is about just that we don't know how to appreciate it.

One ang mo asked me where I got my claypot rice, I pointed him to the right direction, seems like he also traveled there for food.

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