06 September 2016

Sold All Stocks

Yesterday sold all my stocks, only two and both are REITs, got tired of holding REITs, nowadays REITs seems to be doing worse in terms of both share price and dividend, both on downtrend, if hold long-term I think not a good idea, unless keep averaging but it's still pointless if the share price doesn't go up, it's like trying to fill up a bottomless pit.

So I decided to bite the bullet and sell at a total loss of $1366.61, but all-time earning still got $1,331.41, so still alright la, but looking back, that means ever since I started investing in Nov 2012, until now only earn $1,331.41, kind of miserable, but still better than putting in fixed deposit or worse, keep in savings account. I can only say low risk, low gain.

Now cash have about $35K, of which $30K is spare cash, the other $5K for expenses and baby operation costs next month.

After that wait and see, this time I going for blue chips, people say cash is king, this is very true, right now I'm in a position where I can take my time and wait for market to crash and then sweep up cheap stocks, rather than previously trying to average down like a dog chasing its tail.

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