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Another Sucky Interview

Went for a technical test on Java, damn difficult, it's not those basic Java questions, they gave me a couple of program codes and asked what is the outcome, can barely answer, without Eclipse so difficult, so used to having the IDE do everything.

Then a lot of trick questions on syntax and whether code will run if not what outcome, finally some real world situations, asked me what I will do if system encounter slowness, or what I will do if I am tasked with migrating a few systems into one system, seriously migration is not a one man job, it takes a whole team to plan for it, how the hell would I know on such short notice lol.

And then some J2EE questions, they actually tested me on scripplets, nowadays I thought industry norm is JSTL, why bother with scripplets unless absolutely no choice.

I really wonder how can anyone pass that kind of test lol, so my strategy was simple, can answer, then answer, cannot answer skip to the next, don't get stuck on one question forever, but …

Changed too Much Thai Baht

Last week went to Bangkok to stay for 3 days and 2 nights, changed 19,050 Baht, left with 5,000+, and we already bought whatever we needed. I changed so much also because I thought I would need to pay for MIL and family but they hardly bought anything. I even paid 1,000 to her uncle for petrol because he drove us to the airport.

Interview Today Sucks

Just came back from interview, kind of sucks, morning kena runny nose, sneeze until so shag so really no energy or mood to go for interview but I still go anyway since already told them I will be present.

The building damn far from home, take bus already 1 hour, plus walking I think total need 1.5-2 hours, if ask me to work there can die.

So for the interview, got 3 people, one is a director, another is a HR woman, last one is a technical guy. Ask about my current role, ask what I expect from their company and all that typical questions, I think I did quite badly, so many years never go for interview, also never expect them to actually call me up for interview. Anyway my stand is since I have a job so it's more like testing the market, can get better package, great, cannot get, then back to work.

Furthermore I think they want me to do .net project, I told them it's not my expertise, I more to Java, want me to do .net is more of a learning phase for me, already told the guy who…

Bangkok Trip Photos

Some photos from our short trip. Go Thailand must eat MK for sure, best steamboat ever, forgot to take photos of the roast duck and roast pork.

Some evening shots.

Erawan Shrine, still quite a crowd, even saw two officers with a huge dog, think the dog is sniffing for explosives.

Random shots of the busy Bangkok street.

Ya Kun in Siam Paragon lol.

100 Baht Yen Ta Fo, the noodle is 80 Baht, wife say damn expensive, eat at street probably 20-30 Baht can get. Everything at Siam Paragon is like SG normal shopping mall price, to us is still ok, to them is super expensive.

700 Baht dinner buffet at Mercure Bangkok Siam hotel, usual price is 1400, guest get 50% discount. I find the selection very limited but the pizza is amazing, and seafood is very fresh, I think if you eat the seafood you can easily get back what you paid for, especially if you like oysters, I tried one and find it too weird for me, but it's very fresh, don't have any fishy smell.

Leaving the hotel and back to rat …

Just Came Back from Bangkok

It was an arguably ok trip, would be so much better if not for the stupid fucks at Changi Airport who seems more proficient at ruining my mood than actually acting like the professionals that they were supposed to be, come on, in uniform, do I need to say more?

Like I always say, there is always a reason why some people are stuck at whatever shit position that they are doing, one great example are those miserable fucks who chop passport at Changi Airport, they probably get a pathetic salary for doing something so menial, which can be easily replaced by machines, I wonder why we need to get people to sit around and chop passport and empower them to talk down to visitors, just because my MIL and wife's cousin obviously looks like they are not from the city doesn't give them the right to treat them any differently, not to mention make any sarcastic remarks.
Funny if my MIL and wife's cousin were ang mohs these fucks would probably treat them differently, who knows they might …

Going to Bangkok Tomorrow

Tomorrow going to Bangkok to bring MIL and cousin here, me, wife and baby going, so good chance to take a break from the shit here, everyday work also sibei sian.

After that is baby's operation, rescheduled to next month, hopefully all goes well.

Butter Pork Rice @ Chinatown

Found it at a Tze Char stall just beside Chinatown Complex.

Not bad, the sauce can be a little bit sweeter and it will be awesome.

Everyday OT!

These few days super busy with work, everyday work until very late, no energy to blog. But at least coming to weekend soon, only weekend then can relax.

Today got one company call me up, it's a big firm, they got a senior position lobang super near my home, take bus I think 15 minutes can reach. Job scope basically same like now, do everything, but if near home and salary is better, I don't see why not.

I think IT line all can be quite siong la, everywhere also same, most important thing is don't get low-ball salary, currently I feel a bit underpaid, probably because this year bonus like shit but workload increase, and this year package actually lower than last year, sad. Furthermore the users also like shit, since all shit might as well aim for higher salary and convenience right, at the end of the month only the dollar counts haha, all the hard work and stress are worthless.

Job Agency Call Me

Yesterday I submitted my resume through a few websites, today got a call from an agent, he say got lobang for me, job is similar to what I am currently doing, ask me why I want to find new job, I say I want a change of environment.

He ask me salary I want how much, I say $4800 to $5000, then ask me to list down my skills, while listing down I realized that I learned a lot of things in these few years with current company, but now seems like slowing down tremendously. First few years it's like racing at 120km/h, now it's like 50-60km/h, like just getting by, just doing because I have to do, not because I have the motivation to want to do.

Really feeling stagnant already, maybe that's why I want to move on, go to a new place, meet new people, learn new things, gain experience in a different industry but of course still software related.

Now as I write this, still not very sure whether I want to jump or not, what if they call me up for interview, go see how, what if they hire…

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Booked Mercure Bangkok Siam Hotel @ $528.84 from Agoda

This month going to Bangkok to bring MIL and wife's cousin to SG, so might as well also go for a short holiday. We leave on Friday and come back on Sunday so it's a really short trip.

I booked the same hotel that we stayed during our last trip, it's a great hotel although a bit pricy, but best thing is the location, near MBK and near the Erawan Shrine, this time must go back to the shrine to pray. By the way I booked 2 rooms for 2 nights, so one room per night is $132.21, but considering that we don't have to take taxi to get around I guess it's a decent price.
Was also looking at Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square, the location is even better, right in the middle of MBK and the shrine, but it's slightly more expensive, and I read that they are doing renovation until late this month so that really puts me off, I don't want to pay so much for a hotel that isn't looking at its best.
Anyway when booking hotel best is to check different sites, the same rooms an…

Looking for New Job

Today I updated my resume and submitted to a few public sector agencies, hope can find a civil service job. Actually current job also not bad but getting kind of stagnant, see if I can find something new and fresh to do, everyday do the same shit also sian.

Anyway now my company bonus also like shit, they doing some restructuring so the compensations all changed, last time much better, bonus can get 3-4 months, now only 1 month, quite jia lat but good thing salary still not bad. But in profit-oriented company is like that, all they care is profit margin, they say staff is their biggest asset is just for show, I don't think they really mean it. Just look at my current working environment, the desk so miserably small, you go coffeeshop find any table also larger than my workdesk haha.