24 October 2016

Bangkok Trip Photos

Some photos from our short trip. Go Thailand must eat MK for sure, best steamboat ever, forgot to take photos of the roast duck and roast pork.

Some evening shots.

Erawan Shrine, still quite a crowd, even saw two officers with a huge dog, think the dog is sniffing for explosives.

Random shots of the busy Bangkok street.

Ya Kun in Siam Paragon lol.

100 Baht Yen Ta Fo, the noodle is 80 Baht, wife say damn expensive, eat at street probably 20-30 Baht can get. Everything at Siam Paragon is like SG normal shopping mall price, to us is still ok, to them is super expensive.

700 Baht dinner buffet at Mercure Bangkok Siam hotel, usual price is 1400, guest get 50% discount. I find the selection very limited but the pizza is amazing, and seafood is very fresh, I think if you eat the seafood you can easily get back what you paid for, especially if you like oysters, I tried one and find it too weird for me, but it's very fresh, don't have any fishy smell.

Leaving the hotel and back to rat race lol.

Typical street food stall in remote areas, if you don't mind the ugly sight you can actually get very cheap food at such places, look out for those stalls with roasted chicken, super power, must try, cheap and good.

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