25 October 2016

Interview Today Sucks

Just came back from interview, kind of sucks, morning kena runny nose, sneeze until so shag so really no energy or mood to go for interview but I still go anyway since already told them I will be present.

The building damn far from home, take bus already 1 hour, plus walking I think total need 1.5-2 hours, if ask me to work there can die.

So for the interview, got 3 people, one is a director, another is a HR woman, last one is a technical guy. Ask about my current role, ask what I expect from their company and all that typical questions, I think I did quite badly, so many years never go for interview, also never expect them to actually call me up for interview. Anyway my stand is since I have a job so it's more like testing the market, can get better package, great, cannot get, then back to work.

Furthermore I think they want me to do .net project, I told them it's not my expertise, I more to Java, want me to do .net is more of a learning phase for me, already told the guy who call me up, end up they still ask me to go for interview.

Anyway I also feel 50-50 about getting this job, half of me tell me not to be complacent and to test the market, another half tell me to stay, I guess unless they offer a really good package I don't think I want to jump, current company is actually good, just that the customers sometimes I really cannot take it, feel like slapping them haha, but I'm sure everywhere also have such people la. In career it's really all about the package, if you pay me $15K a month I don't mind going around picking up diapers.

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