23 October 2016

Just Came Back from Bangkok

It was an arguably ok trip, would be so much better if not for the stupid fucks at Changi Airport who seems more proficient at ruining my mood than actually acting like the professionals that they were supposed to be, come on, in uniform, do I need to say more?

Like I always say, there is always a reason why some people are stuck at whatever shit position that they are doing, one great example are those miserable fucks who chop passport at Changi Airport, they probably get a pathetic salary for doing something so menial, which can be easily replaced by machines, I wonder why we need to get people to sit around and chop passport and empower them to talk down to visitors, just because my MIL and wife's cousin obviously looks like they are not from the city doesn't give them the right to treat them any differently, not to mention make any sarcastic remarks.

Funny if my MIL and wife's cousin were ang mohs these fucks would probably treat them differently, who knows they might even throw in a slang in their English, professionals my foot. World class airport my ass, I can tell you compared to Bangkok airport, yes, our airport is cleaner, but friendliness, Thais are way more polite, even their immigration officers are friendly, comparatively our immigration officers are really like fuck, ok not all of them, but one bad egg makes the whole airport stinks.

Perhaps for Singaporeans we always go through the express lanes we don't know that this is the way these fucks bully foreigners, this is unacceptable, just imagine you are treated badly by these miserable fucks, will you be "song"?

Then when we went to get a taxi, this stupid ass I don't even know who she is, probably some cleaner or something, she was yelling at my MIL about the trolley, can't talk nicely, how come she never try yelling at me, some people really the eyes like Chinese say, dog eyes, see my MIL like from kampong she want to bully, that's why she is a cleaner or whatever miserable fuck position that she is doing, most likely stuck at it for the rest of her miserable life.

World class airport my foot, more like Worse class airport.

Damn pissed off, will post photos later.

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