01 October 2016

Looking for New Job

Today I updated my resume and submitted to a few public sector agencies, hope can find a civil service job. Actually current job also not bad but getting kind of stagnant, see if I can find something new and fresh to do, everyday do the same shit also sian.

Anyway now my company bonus also like shit, they doing some restructuring so the compensations all changed, last time much better, bonus can get 3-4 months, now only 1 month, quite jia lat but good thing salary still not bad. But in profit-oriented company is like that, all they care is profit margin, they say staff is their biggest asset is just for show, I don't think they really mean it. Just look at my current working environment, the desk so miserably small, you go coffeeshop find any table also larger than my workdesk haha.

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