03 November 2016

Baby Admitted to Hospital

Tomorrow morning she will have her operation to close the hole in her heart, just now she kept crying, I think she is scared of the strange new environment, she cried even harder when they tried to put the blood plug for her, unfortunately they didn't manage to do so as her blood vessels were too small, they will try again later.

Poor little baby... but what needs to be done has to be done.

I booked C class ward for her, they say it's an 8-bedded ward, but end up the ward only have 6 beds so it's not as noisy as we expected, actually baby is the noisiest one in the whole ward as she kept crying lol.

And quite surprisingly the ward has free WIFI, so good thing we brought along her iPad so she can watch cartoon, but kind of troublesome as there seems to be a timeout, so have to sign in again and again quite often, but still better than nothing.

By the way lucky we brought along her pram, ended up being useful as we can push her around instead of a wheelchair.

Hope her operation will go on smoothly, doctors said it's a very common procedure, so I guess should be very safe.


FR said...

Hope the operation will be good and smooth for ur girl.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi FR,

Thanks! Operation went very well and she is now staying in ICU for monitoring.

Dave said...

Glad to hear that :)