15 November 2016

Baby Still Cannot Talk

Now she is about 18 months and she still can't speak a single word, sometimes she can make sounds like mama but other than that the rest are unintelligible. Wonder if it is speech delay, wife say it is ok, I think maybe in Thailand it is normal, I don't know but ang moh babies can say words at 18 months or earlier. Here I also don't know whether it is normal, to me most important is her health, her character, the rest I guess it just needs time.

But at least now she can walk by herself, I remember she suddenly started walking last month, it just happened lol.

For me I was a late bloomer, when I was a kid people said I was very blur, they called me blur king, then in my teen years my peers always seemed smarter than me, I was always a follower, then after NS things started to change, can say that my brain started wake up, I guess it's true when people say NS can change a person. Now my life isn't too bad, at least not as bad as I used to thought it would be.

Now baby life very good, in my time where got iPad, where got air-con, where got take taxi go everywhere, where got every time buy new clothes, new shoes, new toys. My parents not well-to-do, maybe mid-lower income group, closer to lower so a lot of things other kids have I don't have.

I remember when I was a kid in early 1990s, I used to stand outside this toy shop, they have Lego in glass display, I would stand there for a long time staring at it. Or I would stand outside the video game store, watch people play console games, I remember the console is Neo Geo, they were playing this monster versus monster game, I could stand there for hours until my mother came and pulled me home haha.

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