28 November 2016

Surgeon Review and Baby's Hospital Bill

Today baby went back to surgeon again for review, surgeon said everything is well, he gave an open appointment in 2 months time, if nothing happen then can just cancel the appointment.

Now the hospital bill. By the way the procedure name for her hospital stay is Ostium Primum Atrial Septal Defect Closure, in layman's term is to close a hole in her heart.

Total charges for 7 days stay was $23,672.96, of which 4 days were in ICU. Singapore hospital bill really scary, and this is for non-complicated case, my daughter was scheduled for 10 days stay, ended up only stay for 7 days.

Then government subsidized $19,138.67, which is 80.84% of the bill.

If my daughter is not a Singaporean, then I will have to pay $23,672.96.

So $23,672.96 - $19,138.67 = $4534.29 payable.

Then out of $4534.29, I only need to pay $1803.43 from my Medisave, the remaining amount of $2730.86 is covered by Medishield Life.

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