08 December 2016

Baby Finally Spoke Her First Meaningful Word, Star

I was reading out words from a colouring book to her and I pointed to a picture of a star and said it out loud, surprisingly she repeated it, I thought it was just one of her random babbling so I tried again, and she managed to repeat it again.

So today I flipped through that same book, when we reached the picture of that star, she recognized it and said "star", and went on and on.

Earlier on I thought she was having trouble with speech, good thing she finally got to talking, I think eventually she will be able to read out more words. Today she said "moo moo" when she saw a picture of a cow, I think my wife taught her that. She also said "nana", actually she meant "banana", probably also taught by wife.

I think can focus on those words with one sound, or substitute with something easier, for example cow with moo moo, I guess babies find it easier to read out.

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