20 January 2017

MR Loh! Bye Bye SAF

Today finally received my MR letter, the Swiss watch, the 10 year medal and some pins. My platoon mate who haven't MR asked me how I feel, I told him feeling same like getting pink IC, never get keep yearning for it, but when get it don't feel anything.

Looking back so much time has passed, now I'm 34 years old already, look back feels like time fly very fast, but when you are in the midst of it, time is crawling.

No more field training, sai kang, route march, recall manning, IPPT or whatever other unimaginable nonsense.

But I still haven't clear my IPPT, still liable but don't care already, since it's my first time default, at most they give me warning.

Now open beer celebrate ;)

Today taxi fare to is $22.90, back is $17.85, total $40.75.

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