03 January 2017

Noisy Neighbour (Again!)

After the last time I emailed to HDB and spoken to that neighbour, things have improved, at least they don't play with the stupid wooden ball anymore, I still hear it once or twice in a long time but it doesn't bother anyone since it is not frequent.

Their air-con with plane engine is no longer an issue since they rarely turn it on, even if they do it also doesn't bother us since we have already gotten used to it but I think it has broken down that's why they don't use it anymore, hooray!

But in recent months, every few days between 12am to 3am+, there will be kids running in and out of their bedroom, jumping, stomping, dragging and dropping objects, and then sudden loud thuds, sounded like dumb bell dropping on the floor. And the kids will laugh and scream loudly.

On the good days they start at 12am and ended at 1am+, or 2am until 3am+, or for a short while at 3am, fine we can tolerate, but yesterday was the ultimate, they partied from 12am to 3am+, wah piang, I didn't sleep a wink at all, even after they stopped I also can't sleep, in my mind just cursing at them, got up feeling super stoned, so I took MC today.

I also emailed to HDB again, cannot take it anymore.

This one don't know what family, 12am to 3am got children running around, vampires or what, daytime no need to work, go school, or do anything normal like everyone else does, freaking weirdos.


Dave said...

Good day to u, hv u tried contacting town council?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Dave,

Nope, I thought it's under HDB? The last time I reported to HDB, one of their staff came down to talk to that neighbour, it was effective so I thought I should contact HDB again.

Dave said...

I see, I have a problematic neighbour upstairs too, however it was my neighbour below me that complain instead. End up its Town Council that came to interview and take a look.