16 January 2017

Today Went Back for Last ICT

This is my 7th high-key, have plenty of low-keys so this time 99% is my last time going back. You might ask why the 1% doubt, because today my platoon mates came up with all sorts of jokes, some said they received a letter 3 months ago telling them about the award for completing the ORNS cycle, and that the money had been credited into their CPF account. I didn't receive such a letter, but I don't think they did, because they don't call it a completion award and then give it to you first before you complete it.

Another is some said they already got their watch, this one similarly not possible since we haven't complete our last in-camp, why would they give the watch first. But in army no joke can bored to death, this in-camp same as the last one, nothing much probably because most of us going to MR and going to be CNY soon, maybe they don't want to risk any injury before CNY. So basically it's a high-key but a very relax one, I thought there would be field training but thank goodness don't have, heng ah. As long as no field training I happy already, can say goodbye to sleeping on the ground, overnight training, feeding mosquitoes, uncomfortable uniform and boots, the stupid SBO, sucky cookhouse food, recall manning and the list goes on.

So today taxi spending is $22.50 to and $17.60 back home, total $40.10, lesser than my daily $50 budget. This time nobody to share with me so I have to pay alone but it's ok, last ICT, totally don't mind.

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