20 February 2017

So Many Days Never Blog

Recently so busy with work, with course, with family, with playing games, at least playing games helps to take the stress away, playing with baby too. But I think best is still to go out with family, go for stroll the best, enjoy the scenery, the cool breeze, beautiful Singapore.

Now baby big, can run, very curious everything also want to touch, now can say 123 ABC, also say quite a few words, cow, nana (banana), cat, no and several other words, learning fast I guess.

By the way wife and baby going back to Thailand this coming Songkran, I wanted to go but now I'm trying to avoid taking leave, last year bonus very bad, this year I want to improve, part of my organization KPI is actually to maintain productivity, they measure this by looking at how many days I'm away, MC, annual leave, childcare leave, I guess even NS leave, can say not fair but well, that is the harsh reality.

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