27 February 2017

Thinking of Moving to Thailand

So I checked out their Non-Immigrant Visa-O (Thai Spouse), have two doubts so I emailed them and got a reply.

4. A Letter from the Applicant’s Thai spouse

This is a letter from the Thai spouse to the embassy to request for my visa to stay with her in Thailand. Still not quite sure what the content should be, I guess something like writing to the embassy and requesting permission for me to stay with her.

5. Bank statement (At least 400,000 Baht)

The staff said the bank statement can be from my Singapore bank account equivalent to 400,000 Thai Baht, that's about 16,140 Singapore dollars.

I also asked whether I can work in Thailand with the visa, the staff say cannot, hmm, like that how to make money to survive, seems kind of strange.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bro

Speaking from experience (I have worked in at least 2 places outside SG so far) Sometimes its easier to get a work there first... then the crazy rule about 400,000 Baht will not be apply.

Just curious, what makes you want to move out?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Not easy to find job there without knowing how to speak and write Thai, I think obviously I need to attend classes before even thinking about getting a job there.

One part of me says I'm so sick and tired of living and working in SG, it is in fact a very small place, nothing much to explore. Life feels so repetitive here, everyday feels no different from any other day.

Another part of me says otherwise, currency here is strong, so many people desire to come work here, and SG is a very stable country and very safe. Great place to have family, raise children.

So I'm like stuck in between if you get what I mean.

Anonymous said...

imho, just mid-life transition period ... :)
SG may be small but definitely not very small and yet not so big to go around
not sure why you think SG nothing to explore? So much to learn here!
so what makes you think you won't get sick & tired of living & working in TH eventually

Anonymous said...

Hey bro.. cheer up.. Dont give up. I can tell you that it is possible.

At the moment i am working in Vietnam. The process is long, i was on a job search for many many months. Like you I am a server and network engineer. Where there is no lack of such engineers in Vietnam.

Most of my interview failed. The main problem is that i do not speak Vietnamese. Besides that the company that interviewed me expected me at least to be able to converse in German, Korean, Japanese (Basally anything except English and Chinese)

But i kept an open mind and continue looking for a job. Now i ended up with a software development company that work mainly with US Clients. Even though the fact is that my skill and my job now is a super mismatch. I always describe this to my wife like "I am a baseball player trying to play in a professional soccer team" ..Till today i am struggling get use to the playing field. But i managed to settle down here against all odds. More crazy stories to share with u one day hahaha

What i can say is, keep an open mind, keep searching, keep sending Resume. Be open if the job is not what you are used to (outside SG employers are more willing to take in people with the right attitude more than the right experience)

but of course.. when you are in Thailand / Vietnam as a tourist is a very different feeling compared with living and working there...Till today i am still struggling with Tieng Viet and i have to order food by pointing... haha the challenges is very different but with the same difficulty level.. Suddenly everything i am used to disappeared and plate of wantan mee / nasi lemak now course 10 SGD ... (trust me will u miss it when you are working overseas)

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks for the comments.

Yeah sure sounds like transitioning period, last time no family, no house, no degree so have something to aim for, now everything have already feels kind of aimless, I think need to set new goals.

Anyway hopefully this year got the energy to go get my driving license, been putting it off for too long.