11 February 2017

Tried Wee Nam Kee @ Marina Square

After I learned about the branch at Marina Square last week, I made it a to-do thing this week, must go and try and so today I brought wife and baby there.

Unfortunately, it was a disappointment, don't understand how come so different from when I tried at their Upper Thomson branch, I thought since they carry the same name, then standard should be not much different.

The chicken at the upper thomson branch was crisp, fragrant, rice was cooked just right and fragrant, chilli and especially the ginger garlic mix was superb. But this marina square branch, everything falls short; chicken was cold, kind of tough, lack that fragrance of a fried chicken, chilli was not bad but the ginger garlic mix seems to lack something. The rice also lack something, don't have that nice chicken rice fragrance. By the way it was several years ago that I tried the upper thomson branch, not sure if it is still there.

By the way I didn't take a photo of the veggies that I ordered, for a $10 veggie dish, the serving was miserably small, maybe small until I totally forgot about it lol.

If you want good roasted chicken, might as well eat Henry's, his roasted chicken super power, chilli also super power, rice also super power, and cheap.

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