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Went for a Stroll with Colleague

Stay home sibei sian so jio my colleague from China for a stroll at Marina Bay then walk to Chinatown. Chinatown still has its charms, see those old buildings wish I can stay there, but one shophouse I guess not cheap, probably in millions.

McDonalds's Dinner

Quarter pounder, very nice, ala carte $5.80.

Nene Chicken for Dinner

Ordered the whole chicken just to see the difference from the wings and sticks, it's just different chicken parts, but seems to be more filling. I prefer wings and sticks, different chicken parts some quite tough and oily.

Bangkok Street Food Scene Taking a Hit

Source Just now read the news quite sad, one of the charms of Bangkok is the vibrant street food scene, if they take it away then it will be very different. According to the article, they target to take hawkers off the streets by the end of this year, only hawkers at Chinatown and Khao San will be allowed to continue to operate. That means next year if I go to Bangkok, it will look very different, no more fried chicken wings under the bridge, or hawkers outside 7/11 stores, or those cheap clothes near the Paragon shopping mall. But good thing only affects Bangkok, if go to other province most probably still have, don't think they can totally take it away.

Home Alone Sibei Sian

Wife and baby early next month then come back, stay alone really cannot take it, so lonely. Go work come home only me, watch movie, watch youtube also sian. Been family man so long, now also no friend to jio out, guess they also have their own stuff to manage. Most of my friends also married and have children, think want to meet up also not easy. Last time stay parents house still not that bad, now have my own house so quiet, have baby run around really different.

Went to Zoo with Colleagues

Go first time is nice, go too many times kind of bo liao lol. Lunch I ate the chicken chop, kind of too dry and pricy, fries is nice though.

Rash on Baby Body

The day before she had an outbreak of rash on her body, looks like chicken pox, I think it's because of her chicken pox vaccination last week, the day before she left for Thailand. Yesterday and today whatsapp see her seems to have recovered, read online that kids who had the chicken pox vaccine may have outbreak of rash that looks like chicken pox, scared me a bit when I saw the photo sent by wife, thought she ate something wrong or maybe it's heat rash. So far baby seems to be doing well there, but I think the weather there should be super hot, now here in SG already super hot, like today can feel the burning heat even when I was in shelter. By the way whatsapp really useful, no need to use the callback card, might as well give her money to top up her card, for me it doesn't cost much since most of the time I'm on wifi, even if not on wifi the data usage actually not high.

Eat Lunch Alone at Market

Kind of lonely but the food is still awesome. The pork rib noodle today is extra nice, the tendon so soft until melts in my mouth, power. The dumpling soup also power, I think they use some sort of dried fish to cook it. Cheap and good, like this only $6.50, cannot find this kind of standard even in nice restaurant, hawker food is the best.

Went to Pulau Ubin

So many years never go, today public holiday and wife and baby went to Thailand for Songkran so nothing to do I joined my colleagues for a short trip. Had breakfast at Changi Village Hawkers Centre, it's the one with the famous nasi lemak, wanted to buy but the queue damn long, ended up I bought the hainan curry rice, it's really nice but strangely no queue at all. There's also a few stalls selling this white coconut water, this one super power, one big glass only $1. After that took a ferry to Pulau Ubin, one trip is $3, so go and come back is $6. No need to buy ticket, just queue up, board and pay the boat captain. The queue quite long though, we waited for the ferry at around 10am, I guess if you go around lunch should have less people. But take note the ferry ends around 5 or 6pm, I'm not sure of the exact timing as I heard from my colleague, so better check properly and don't miss the last ferry. Last time I went there was 11 or 12 years ago, that time do

Video Call Wife with Whatsapp

The quality not bad, data usage also not much, she bought a week's data for 139 Baht, still ok but a bit pricy. By the way she told me someone took her iPhone charger, she put it in a bag and check in, didn't lock it, she took Tigerair, damn thief baggage handler, good thing it's just a charger and it's her old charger so not so bad. End up she bought a new phone. Baby seems fine, today also play the water, songkran started today, too bad I need to work cannot go, now very busy, so much shit to settle at work.

Wife and Baby Go Thailand

This morning woke up 2.30am to send them to airport, damn sleepy, now still sleepy, lucky I took leave today if not go work sure stoned. So today first time wife and baby travelling overseas without me, really worried how wife can cope, she checked in 2 luggage and carry one quite heavy bag with milk, water and essentials. Really worried about baby, she like to run around, at her age she is curious about everything, everything is new to her. Now waiting for wife to whatsapp me when she get a sim card. I think now no need to use callback card, that's one good thing with a smartphone. By the way this morning took taxi to airport I used the comfort app, now can choose metered fare or flat fare, from my house metered show $33-$37, flat fare was $28.50, I choose flat fare because last time I took at same time, I think I paid $33+. I think they trying to level the playing field with the other taxi apps, very good move. So how the flat fare works is same like Uber, everythi

KFC for Lunch

Chicken still super oily but eat one piece still nice. The cheese fries still the best.

Korean and Japanese Food Dinner

Bought from the Emporium Shokuhin supermarket, very tasty, I like the Japanese burger, power.

Nene Chicken Dinner

Still as good, standard never drop, same price, power.

Path of Exile 2.6: Yama the White

First time encounter this creature, dropped a prophecy. Few minutes later same dungeon encounter the creature again, guess not really so rare...

What Happened to Our Economical Rice?

I noticed a trend, nowadays most economical rice stalls like to mix some minced pork with veggies and then sell at meat price, for example fried egg they put minced pork, or fried long beans they also add some minced pork, then they sell at $2 or $2.50, like that also can. If veggies then really just veggies, they don't even add any dried shrimp for taste, just super plain. So if you never see carefully like some elderly people, one plate of chap chai peng can cost you $6-$7! I saw quite a few times, ah peh or ah ma got into argument with the stall helpers. I feel a bit not right, well they are not scamming, they laid all the dishes out for people to see, you really have to see properly before you order, so far I see carefully and order is fine, $3-$3.50. One of the most lame dish is steamed egg with pork, it's just eggs and minced pork, they sell $2-$2.50 for one small scoup, really bastard.

Curry Vegetables for Dinner!


Local Radio DJ at Anchorpoint

Look at the crowd... it's a very quiet mall so kind of expected lol. Baby sneaked in for a photo ;)