20 April 2017

Rash on Baby Body

The day before she had an outbreak of rash on her body, looks like chicken pox, I think it's because of her chicken pox vaccination last week, the day before she left for Thailand.

Yesterday and today whatsapp see her seems to have recovered, read online that kids who had the chicken pox vaccine may have outbreak of rash that looks like chicken pox, scared me a bit when I saw the photo sent by wife, thought she ate something wrong or maybe it's heat rash.

So far baby seems to be doing well there, but I think the weather there should be super hot, now here in SG already super hot, like today can feel the burning heat even when I was in shelter.

By the way whatsapp really useful, no need to use the callback card, might as well give her money to top up her card, for me it doesn't cost much since most of the time I'm on wifi, even if not on wifi the data usage actually not high.

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