12 April 2017

Wife and Baby Go Thailand

This morning woke up 2.30am to send them to airport, damn sleepy, now still sleepy, lucky I took leave today if not go work sure stoned.

So today first time wife and baby travelling overseas without me, really worried how wife can cope, she checked in 2 luggage and carry one quite heavy bag with milk, water and essentials. Really worried about baby, she like to run around, at her age she is curious about everything, everything is new to her.

Now waiting for wife to whatsapp me when she get a sim card. I think now no need to use callback card, that's one good thing with a smartphone.

By the way this morning took taxi to airport I used the comfort app, now can choose metered fare or flat fare, from my house metered show $33-$37, flat fare was $28.50, I choose flat fare because last time I took at same time, I think I paid $33+. I think they trying to level the playing field with the other taxi apps, very good move.

So how the flat fare works is same like Uber, everything except ERP is accounted for, so when I board, I saw $28.50, when I alight, I pay the same, no extra charge.

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