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Ssikkek Chinatown

This must be one of the best value for money restaurant, one person $28+, can eat many meat. The thick glass noodle is my favourite, the potato salad also damn power.

Received My Fourth Adsense Payment

Last payment.

This time received $155.03, they sent the payment on 21 May 2017, I received on 23 May 2017 via my bank account.

Skip Work Two Days

Yesterday took leave, today take again, thought of going to work really sibei sian. My wife gave me a disapproving look lol, anyway so fed up with the work and the people there, feel like quitting now.

But next month getting bonus, so get first then see how, maybe want to look for a new job, this current job really draining my life force.

Maybe go work at McDonald's, can eat their food everyday so no need to pay for food. Now I see their salary not bad, long long ago one hour only $3.50 now have $5+.

Or maybe go work at MBS, dress suit so smart looking.

I'm looking for a job with great culture, lower salary is fine, higher pay not happy also useless, unless one month $10-$20k not happy I also don't mind.

Salted Egg Chicken at Essen Pinacle

Forgot exactly how much if not wrong I think $10.90. Big chicken pieces (actually more like the batter is thick), very sinful and delicious. The homemade chilli sauce is super, taste like chicken rice chilli sauce, perfect for chicken, but if you don't like spicy better not put because it is quite spicy.

At first I thought it is some high class restaurant, actually it's a western food court, they even have beer bar, craft beer, tower beer, 3L asahi $65. Other non-alcohol drinks is like food court prices, $1.80 to $2+. Also have coffee machine, have latte and cappuccino.

Increase of Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC)

Mine is 2-room HDB flat.

1st Jun 2017 going to increase from $28.50 to $29.50.
1st Jun 2018 increase to $30.50.
Overall just $2, can't do much these days.

Salted Egg Rib Rice @ Sim Lim Square Level 2

Today my colleague recommended me this stall, damn power, with egg $5.50, no egg $5, very worth it, must try.

Dinner, Look at that Egg

Instant noodles and eggs for dinner.

Crystal Jade Seafood Pot in Menu

Now they put the seafood treasure pot into main menu, one pot is $48.80, can eat anytime.

Vesak Day 2017

Holiday right in the middle of the week, bring family go vivocity, walk to sentosa and back.

Today at sentosa somehow walk until end up in the long hallway of hotels, see so many China tour groups, all come here donate money to our casino.

Also bought some krispy kreme donuts, 12 for $26.50, actually quite pricy but then the quality is there, can tell the ingredients not some cheapo ingredients, see even have kit kat and the hershey cookies and cream chocolate. Very rich flavour, very sweet, way better than that dunkin donuts.

Fried Rice with Duck Eggs

My wife brought some duck eggs from her hometown, she say put in the luggage check-in, told her actually cannot bring but well, since already bring then might as well enjoy.

By the way if you check at AVA website, they have certain approved sources for bringing in eggs, Thailand not one of it.

Anyway I find that I still like chicken eggs, seems to be more fragrant, duck egg the yolk very orange, seems thicker.

Wife and Baby Home!

Wife say when they on the flight back no people so baby have a sit of her own. Still don't understand why cannot book for baby.

Now baby more talkative, can say many words, soon can form sentences ;)

Fried Bee Hoon Noodles

$5.10, otah, long beans, ngoh hiang, fried egg, cheap and good.