Neck Pain since Weekend

Last Saturday morning woke up with a pain on my neck and upper back area, wonder what happened, as if somebody karate-kicked my neck while I was sleeping. Today still never recover, most probably because yesterday never sleep well.

Middle of the night somebody above was knocking something, must be crazy, 3 or 4 am don't know knock what, really crazy family. Then my wife woke me up a few times, she said my snoring scared the baby, what the heck, I think snore also because of the neck pain. Today woke up feeling super stoned, took MC. Weekend sometimes also cannot rest properly, jia lat.

Then just recall last Saturday night above family ki siao, think also 3 or 4 am, they were fighting fiercely, slamming stuff, yelling loudly, even the neighbour beside me also wake up, can hear the uncle complaining. Complain to HDB has proven to be useless, thinking of call police but most likely police also lan lan refer us to HDB, back to square one. This type of problem difficult to solve, either I leave or they leave. Sometimes in my mind I wishing a big fire burn down their house with their family, really evil lol.