23 June 2017

Yeah! Long Weekend!

Been looking forward to this long weekend, even though I have no special plan in mind but still feels great to be able to rest, get away from the work for a while.

So tomorrow maybe we will drop by Pasir Ris, I heard from my colleague it looks completely different now, the resorts have been replaced with hotels and now they have level 2 shopping areas. Last time I went was so long ago, can't even remember when.

Singapore develop at such a super fast pace, never go a place for too long next time you go totally different, just look at the Sim Lim Square area, now look totally different. Even the Outram Park area also totally changed.

Sometimes feel a bit sad that the places that I went to when I was younger are now gone, a bit scary also.


mp h jon said...

Yes you right.i am from bangladesh i entry 8 year before singapore.few year i saw my own eyes.may things change and you are Singaporean you know batter then me.my country also same.day by day people grow so develop and change very simple.thanks for share you really filing.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Jon,

Thanks for visiting, how I wish I can still see the old places from my childhood haha.