09 July 2017

HDB Window is a Giant Trash Bin

Today good catch, even got oreo, wonder what present I will receive next time, kind of exciting. This reminds me of the used, bloodied sanitary pad that I saw in my neighbourhood.

Report to NEA also no use, done that, at most they come stake-out for 10-15mins and go back write report say didn't notice anything unusual, then update me saying they staked-out but didn't find anything so basically nothing will change.

Report to HDB they will most likely refer me to NEA, then back to square one.

Call police they will refer me to NEA, then back to square one.

So might as well just do nothing since throwing things out of window is so common that nobody cares.

I reported to NEA anyway, don't really hope for any change, see how it goes.


Dave said...

Looks bad bro. Hope NEA will do something about the throwing. Did NEA respond to your previous report on cigarette butt throwing?
I feedbacked to NEA as my neighbour above would smoke at common stairway and frequently throw still-lited butts down which some even landed inside my unit.
NEA called me and say will monitor situation with cisco officers at night. So far no more feedback and the butt throwing and smoking still continues.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Dave,

Yeah they did, but they said they staked-out at my block but didn't find anything suspicious so can't do anything.

I think the only way is for them to install CCTV, I guess when the culprit commit the offence just happen they didn't see so cannot do anything, sigh.

Last time also kena cig butt fly in my room, nowadays I keep it closed, no choice, don't know which idiot throw.

Anonymous said...

bro, where you stay? have been reading your blog. my estate also quite bad. the neighbour below us have been banging non stop. can't sleep well espi weekend.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

I stay at commonwealth, very old estate, actually not just my block, my neighbourhood very dirty, rubbish everywhere, seems like people like to just dump rubbish around, jia lat. Really pity the cleaner, everyday have to clear so much rubbish.

Anonymous said...

that looks bad! perhaps unit above rented to FT workers
you should consider getting HDB to investigate as well

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Actually have feedback to HDB, because I don't know which unit so they can't do anything. Now still have rubbish dropping, jia lat.