24 July 2017

NEA Called Me

Previously I mentioned about the solar powered CCTV behind my block, I thought it was installed by NEA, but today one of their officers called me regarding the case that I lodged, asked him and he said not that he know of, he also mentioned theirs is like the LTA type, don't know what LTA CCTV looks like though.

I told him the littering happens every few days, but as I'm not home in the day so I don't really know which unit did it. My wife also don't actively check the window to try to catch the culprit, kind of no point if it is two units away, can't see also.

The officer mentioned that they will conduct house visits to the units above me, eventually they will install the CCTV. He said actually they did conduct house visits earlier but the owners never open the door. I think if this time still cannot reach the owners they will probably go ahead and install the CCTV.


Dave said...

Bro, the NEA officer during the house visit will just hand over a leaflet to to your neighbour stating the seriousness of littering and that CCTV will be installed.

Thats what happened for my case, as informed by the NEA officer.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Should just install and catch the person, fine him/her $200.