01 August 2017

Went to Bed 11 PM, Wake Up 12 PM

Yesterday 11PM ate 1x 25mg Hizin and went to bed, only felt legs a bit light other than that still don't feel as sleepy as doctor suggested (she said if eat 1 cannot wake up then eat half, I suppose it is some strong drug). 11.30PM ate another 25mg, felt a little more kick but still not sleepy. 12AM ate another 25mg, this time felt sleepy, itch on arms felt less intense. Somehow woke up at 1.30AM, felt super drowsy but notice that the burning sensation on both arms were gone, rash seems to have subsided significantly. Thought might as so ate another 25mg and went back to bed. Total ate 100mg of Hizin. I read online 100mg is for sedation.

I managed to sleep until 6AM+ and got woken up by intense itching all over, especially arms and lower back, like kena bitten by thousands of big red ants. Really at a loss of what to do, pace back and forth between kitchen and living room, thinking want to drop by polyclinic before they open.

I then tried eating 1x Telfast 180mg and 2x Prednisolone 20mg, sat down on sofa, somehow the intense itching subsided, so I laid back and rest, the itch really gone, then I went back to bed and slept till 12PM+.

After I woke up, rash on both arms seems to be gone mostly, no more intense itch and burning sensation, just some random itch at legs and lower back. Hopefully tomorrow can go back to work, yesterday MC today AL, 2 days sure pile up a lot of shit.

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