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Brinda's Food is Great

The onion egg prata super power, the briyani also as power as before. They also sell lots of other snacks, so many choices all looks delicious.

Fish & Chicks Big Servings

$27.90 including delivery charge can choose 3 sides for the 2 fish and 1 whole spring chicken.

The chilli crab sauce and the salted egg sauce is super power.

The spring chicken larger than I thought, one person eat I think half full already. And it is juicy and crispy, batter slightly much though, and quite oily, must eat with soda or green tea to wash down the grease.

Overall good eat, must try.

Singaporean Fighting for ISIS


First thing that comes to my mind is eat too full nothing better to do, life in SG too good, have to go fight for a foreign organization that has absolutely nothing to do with us.

Don't understand what these people are thinking, why not sign-on army if he loves military, oh he want to see real action, ok, movies also can see, why have to go there and be rambo.

If he die there nobody will care actually, but now that he is there, probably won't come back, even if come back will get jailed or closely monitored by ISD, really jiak liao bee.

Be Careful of My Data Manager App

It is a great app to keep one updated on data usage for free. But recently they added this new feature which enables the app to track app data usage by going through some VPN, today my wife said her data plan exceeded limit by 0.5 GB, what a shock, yesterday used only 800+ MB today overshot by 500+ MB.

Anyway lucky I never turn on the VPN thing, yesterday I turned on for wife, didn't think it would eat up so much data so fast.

So if you use My Data Manager app, do not turn on the VPN, want to track data usage actually iOS also can track, see I hand itchy go and turn on, now have to pay extra money as a lesson.

Lucky Starhub cap data usage to $10.70 per GB, heng ah, if not count by their 0.0107 cents per KB it will be $50+!

iOS11 Looks Stylo

Yesterday I help to troubleshoot wife's iphone because of apple id issue, saw a very different interface, end up is because she updated to iOS11, not sure how she did though, my iphone never prompt me to update.

Now I plug in to computer, connected to itunes then it prompted me to download and install, file size 2.47 GB. Any problem with iphone just plug in to itunes, it always save the day.

iOS11 feels more smooth and clean, noticed some new features, haven't fully explore yet but now the space storage have more options, can list down by attachment and delete, this is very useful instead of going through each message. The control centre also seems more customizable.

McDonald's BBQ Beef Burger with Egg

Only $3, really nice combination with the BBQ sauce.

Deliver Food by Walking?


They actually call it UberEATS for Walkers which is super obvious lol, at first thought it's a stupid joke but it's real, searched online and found quite a number of blogs with people really doing it, even got news report on it.

Seems like it is something Uber started this year, they pay people to pick up and deliver food on foot. Looking at the information so far, their app will try to match "delivery partners" which is the person doing delivery to a close pick up location and a close delivery location.

One trip is like $5 to $6, I wonder if there is anyone who do it full-time, if do 10 trips a day $50-$60 also not bad, but wonder if there is enough demand for delivery, that's why need more lazy people to support this market, seems like laziness is also a good thing for business lol. Or maybe some people busy until cannot go out to eat, for me if really so busy I just don't eat, no mood how to eat.

Maybe after I quit my shit job I can try this.

Did Something Crazy Today

Today got so fed up with work I sent my boss resignation notice, told him my last day of work is 17 Oct because 18 Oct is public holiday. Now he is on overseas leave, I think he will probably get a shock when he see my email lol.

The trigger point is an email from my boss's boss, because my boss is on leave so B2 have to cover him. B2 complimented me for "taking ownership of the issue", which he was referring to our systems slowness since last week.

Even though it is a compliment, deep down I thinking kan nin na why am I the only person to take ownership of the issue, the slowness does not just affect my system, it also affects another system, and I am supposed to take charge and deal with all the shit myself, wtf right. Other people have deadlines, as if I don't have? This is not the first time, there is a limit to how much shit a person can take, I don't know how to quantify but I guess this is it.

Well to be fair at least B2 was present during all the big meet…

Delicious Curry!

Wife cook curry, looks super power! This one eat with rice or bread super!

Cheap Hawker Eats, But...

Cheap and good but the bak kut teh was scary, look at the video and you will know what I mean, it is one famous bak kut teh shop at Chinatown Complex, watch what you are eating.

Handyman Came to My House

Previously mentioned that my kitchen is ugly, I booked an appointment with, they never confirm but came anyway, think their office cock up.

So this morning two guys suddenly appeared, both were very polite and professional. In less than 15 minutes they did the measurements, took photos, I asked for two quotes, one is to replace the whole table top and the sink but the whole middle piece of wood also have to remove. Another option is to just replace the sink and the broken door and put silicone to the leaks.

Just to highlight that have to pay $25 for the site measurement, but later can refund if I accept their quotation.

Monday they send me the quotes then see how.

Chicken, Duck and Pork

The chicken rice only $3, the plate of duck and pig stuff $6, hawker food is the best!

Kitchen So Ugly!

After 3 years+, things start to fall apart, see the wall so ugly, the water leaking, the cabinet door also broken. Now looking for someone to help me fix, went to IKEA end up they use external contractor to do these stuff, they only sell the products, install or dismantle they outsource, pricing also not cheap, dismantle 4-7 feet cabinet $250, longer more expensive. If you interested you can ask them for a price list, they have a list of how much they charge, they don't make it openly available, but can ask for a copy. Just ask for onsite measurement, or dismantle charge.

Anyway who got good company to recommend let me know, thanks. If can just fix the cabinet door and replace sink good enough, but if cannot repair have to change whole cabinet also can, just need to change bottom.

Actually I prefer those integrated type of sink, no need to worry about the silicone wear off and leak water. Behind also leaking, so those type behind raised up is better.

This one done by my father, ch…

KFC Double Down

One big piece of chicken wrapped with bacon, mayo and cheese, very sinful, very salty, good to try but cannot eat too much.