24 September 2017

Be Careful of My Data Manager App

It is a great app to keep one updated on data usage for free. But recently they added this new feature which enables the app to track app data usage by going through some VPN, today my wife said her data plan exceeded limit by 0.5 GB, what a shock, yesterday used only 800+ MB today overshot by 500+ MB.

Anyway lucky I never turn on the VPN thing, yesterday I turned on for wife, didn't think it would eat up so much data so fast.

So if you use My Data Manager app, do not turn on the VPN, want to track data usage actually iOS also can track, see I hand itchy go and turn on, now have to pay extra money as a lesson.

Lucky Starhub cap data usage to $10.70 per GB, heng ah, if not count by their 0.0107 cents per KB it will be $50+!

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